Free deliveries this weekend!

Berlin people! Fancy some carrot cake delivered to your doorstep?

kawaii kitchen cakes will be doing easter deliveries this Saturday and Sunday.
Place your orders for free delivery all over central Berlin (Berlin “A” area / Ringbahn area) now!

Please send:
– your order
– delivery date (Saturday or Sunday)
– your name, address and phone number
Taking orders until Thursday (April 9th) night.

Carrot Cake (20cm, 8-12 slices) – 28.0 €
Carrot Cupcakes for 2 – 7.8 €
Carrot Cupcakes for 4 – 15.0 €

made from organic carrots, freshly ground hazelnuts, spiced with nutmeg and Ceylon cinnamon. Topped with a plantbased yogurt frosting and handmade, all naturally coloured marzipan carrots.

Box of 12 macarons – 20.0 €
(one flavour or several flavours possible)

Macarons au chocolat (gf*)
fair trade Belgian Chocolate, organic fair trade cocoa.
Macarons a la vanille (gf*)
organic fair trade Bourbon vanilla
Matcha macarons (gf*)
organic Matcha from Kyoto

all plant-based macarons, handmade from organic ingredients & baked with lots of love.

Set of 4 Cookies (one flavour) – 9.0 €
Set of 8 Cookies (one flavour) – 16.0 €

Lemon Rosemary Sablés
organic lemons, locally grown rosemary.
Peanut Butter Cookies
organic peanuts, organic palm oil-free peanut butter, fair trade muscovado sugar.
Walnut Rice Milk Chocolate Cookies
fair trade muscovado sugar and organic walnuts & chocolate.
Mexican Wedding Cookies
organic pecans, fair trade icing sugar.

Banana Bread
whole loaf
(30cm, ~10 slices) – 27.0
1/2 loaf
(15cm, ~5 slices) – 14.0

Cinnamon Sourdough Banana Bread
super juicy sourdough banana bread, spiced with Ceylon cinnamon.
Hazelnut Chocolate Banana Bread
fair trade Belgian Chocolate, organic toasted hazelnuts.
Walnut Banana Bread
classic edition with organic walnuts.

handmade using all organic ingredients.

(plantbased) Cheesecakes
small (20cm, 8-12 slices) – 36.0
large (28cm, 12-16 slices) – 46.0

Lemon Cheesecake
fluffy, creamy cheesecake, crumbly shortcrust pastry, house-made lemon curd.
Lime Cheesecake
topped with house-made lime curd.

gf* possible upon request!

small cake selection set – 35.0

4 carrot cupcakes
4 lemon rosemary sablés
1/2 loaf banana bread (flavour of your choice)

gluten free* cake set – 50.0

small cheesecake (flavour of your choice)
box of 12 macarons (flavour/s of your choice)

Place your order now & get all plant-based easter treats #bakedwithlotsoflove delivered this weekend!

All information provided, including prices, is subject to change. Last update April 20th, 2020.

*gluten free = made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. However, as there are also gluten-containing ingredients used in the same kitchen, all baked goods may contain traces of gluten.

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