our new name: sakura

sakura (桜), the japanese cherry blossom, represents natural beauty & seasonality.
At sakura we create delicious, artisan baked goods for you from mostly local, seasonal ingredients – celebrating their natural taste & beauty.

Indulge in cakes & pastries made from organic, all plant-based ingredients – carefully created to emphasize the fullest flavour of freshest produce available. Enjoy a mini tarte or a slice of cake, individually decorated by hand – and if you like, be informed about how they were produced, and where the ingredients come from. 

Everything that goes into your baked goods is chosen thoughtfully, from start to finish.
People-friendliness is the foundation of how we work as a team and small business at sakura, to provide you with sweet treats genuinely #bakedwithlotsoflove.

Find out more about the sakura standards & our principles as social business [ here ]. 

Stay tuned for more details #comingsoon – or [ subscribe to our newsletter ] to be informed about new products & special events coming up as one of the first!

Looking forward to bake for you ❤︎

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