the kitchen & the girl

Hi! I am Jojo, vegan baker, learning-by-doing photographer and writer behind kawaii kitchen.
kawaii kitchen started out as a hobby baking blog and now I am turning my dream of a socially and ecologically sustainable bakery into reality: kawaii kitchen cakes – plant-based patisserie will be starting to make sweet treats #bakedwithlotsoflove for you soon!

kawaii kitchen used to be a personal blog about baking, cooking and all things food. It was started on February 15th, 2011.

“kawaii” is japanese and means cute, sweet, adorable. The aim of this blog is mainly to share my baking and cooking, and as one thing that’s really important to me with food is to make it look adorable and yummy, I decided to name my blog “kawaii kitchen”.

In my opinion, japanese cuisine is outstanding in food arranging and gentle flavors. I totally admire the art of decorating food in a beautiful but natural way like it is achieved so often in japanese cooking. In this blog, I don’t want to concentrate on japanese recipes but on making food in a way like japanese food with the cute and yummy looks combined with subtle, delicate tastes.

But food is also about so much more than that – it is about sharing, about love and about consciousness of our society, our environment and our world. Food connects all of us in a way and is a precious thing worth of appreciation. I am grateful to have these opportunities of baking whatever mouthwatering comes to my mind and enjoying the results with friends and family – and I try to value that by trying to live in a sustainable way. So now and then, you’ll also find some thoughts of mine on eco- and socio-conscious baking here as well 🙂

Oh, and that’s me, by the way:

  • 17 now 26 year old self-taught baker, “master-like skills in vegan patisserie” certified by Konditoreninnung Berlin in 2018
  • Japan x Germany
  • eats, bakes and cooks all plant-based
  • learning by doing food photography
  • used to bake for Chaostheorie Berlin, the Kü-Ché, Veganatural Gießen, Attila Hildmann Vegan Food, Refinery High End Coffee Berlin
  • currently baking for The Greens Coffee & Plants

Picture on the left by M. Fink

If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me: jojo [at] kawaii [dot] kitchen
You can also find me on facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter.

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