the sakura ingredients

We believe that fresh ingredients, grown naturally with respect and care are the best resource for producing delicious, beautiful sweet treats. That’s why regional and seasonal produce is the foundation of sakura baked goods, apart from being the most environmental friendly choice.

We obtain as many ingredients as locally as possible (eg. herbs & edible blossoms from a garden project in Kreuzberg, fruits (and sometimes vegs) from the Berlin-Brandenburg area, plant milks, nuts, beet sugar, oils and flour from within Germany) to avoid unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions for transport, and to use the freshest produce available.

For ingredients that are not grown within our region (cane sugar, cocoa, coffee, vanilla for example) we only use high quality ingredients from fair production. Using ingredients that were produced by people enduring unfair working conditions or ingredients that were not grown sustainably while claiming to “bake with love” would be a contradiction in itself, in our opinion. 

BAKING WITH LOTS OF LOVE – apart from my passion for making cakes – also means to me that the impact and consequences of the baking process on people and environment are handled responsibly, with respect and care.

Johanna Aoyama, founder of sakura

sakura obtains ingredients from Terra, WeltPartner (specialized on fair trade products) and package-free suppliers of ingredients like Bananeira. Some ingredients are even grown within Berlin, so you will always receive products made from the freshest ingredients possible. 

Also, sakura is minimising plastic waste by purchasing part of the ingredients in package-free stores, using re-usable jars, and ordering others in large paper bags. And the packaging your baked goods are delivered in is completely biodegradable, of course! 

We are still optimizing sustainability of sakura every day, as this is an ongoing process. However, already by now everything that goes into your baked goods is thought through and chosen by hand, to actually supply you with something baked with lots of love ♥︎

In case you’re interested, please do always feel free to ask us about the details of your cake, where the ingredients come from. We’re happy to answer your questions so you can be sure of indulging in a cake that complies not only with your palate but also with your quality expectations and ethical beliefs.