the sakura standards

sakura (桜), the japanese cherry blossom, represents natural beauty & seasonality.
At sakura we create cakes & baked goods for you from mostly local, seasonal ingredients – celebrating their natural taste & beauty.

we value you. we appreciate your ethical principles.

Making an effort, to offer you the most beautiful and delicious artisan baked goods that we possibly can is the foundation of sakura – sustainable bakery & plant-based patisserie.

Everyday, our bakers put their love and dedication into preparing tasty, carefully balanced cakes for you – each individually decorated with attention to detail, using the freshest natural produce available. Everyday, we work to further improve sustainability and fairness of our products, to offer you something exceptional, and most importantly – to make you smile.

By being fully transparent about all things going on at sakura – how we produce, where the ingredients come from – we aim to show you the respect that you deserve.

In times of ingredient lists containing indecipherable names of chemically synthesized materials, and supply chains nearly impossible to track, we feel obliged to offer you all the information we have. So in case you’d like to check, you are able to understand all the impact you’re making by enjoying a bite of sakura baked goods.

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We are still optimizing sustainability of sakura every day, as this is an ongoing process. However, already by now, everything that goes into your baked goods is thought through and chosen by hand, to actually supply you with something baked with lots of love ♥︎

we value people. we value everyone involved in the production of our baked goods.

Cake ought to be enjoyed.

So to seriously make this happen from start to finish, it is one of our core responsibilities as a purpose-driven business to ensure that the people baking your cake are able to enjoy their work. Artisan patisserie is an art, and we believe that art cannot flourish under overly stressful working conditions.
That’s why we commit to people-friendly working conditions as well as a people-centered team culture. Discrimination of any sorts does not fit our values. We are however aware that there’s a lot to learn, for all different members of society, and are happy to do so ourselves. By educating ourselves through workshops and making the effort it takes to maintain an open-minded perspective, we aim to overcome structural discrimination as a company and part of our society. 

Of course, ethical supply of ingredients is part of a people-friendly approach. Therefore we are also sourcing ingredients that we cannot get locally only from certified fair production. Our suppliers WeltPartner, Terra and Bananeira are additionally focusing on climate-friendly transport (DHL GoGreen, transportation by natural gas vehicles) and packaging (eg. bulk-size recycled paper bags, or re-usable containers) that’s why we’ve been working with them gladly – Terra and WeltPartner already since our beginning in 2019.

With this in mind, we aim to provide you with honest moments of indulgence, may it be a beautifully hand-decorated birthday cake that you can send your loved ones as a conscious gift, or a simple but oh-so-good breakfast pastry for you to enjoy. 

we value our world as our collective living space and are dedicated to maintain it a place and society worth living in.

At sakura, we have a holistic approach to sustainability. We’re looking at all processes of our small business and all the impact we’re having, may it be the choice of ingredients, the work inside our bakery, the interior of our café space, or our ways of distribution.
Please check our Fairstainability info pages (full report in the making – coming soon!) if you’re interested in further details, and please do not hesitate to ask us* about our measures to maintain our world a livable place 🙂

*either in person at our Café in Tieckstr. 8, 10115 Berlin, or by e-mail: fairstainability (at)

last but not least, we love to make you smile.

Honest indulgence can be one of the purest forms of joy.

If we can offer this to you, may it be by the scent of freshly baked pastries in the morning, the beauty of an elegantly decorated cake, or the satisfaction of giving your loved ones a gift that complies with your ethical beliefs – then we’re happy.

We do not claim to have found the ultimate solution to perfectly sustainable baking (… yet).
But we promise to do our best everyday to improve every aspect of sakura, and to be transparent about all of it, so you can always make sure of indulging in baked goods that comply with your quality expectations and ethical beliefs.