Free deliveries & happy birthday kawaii kitchen cakes!

kawaii kitchen cakes officially turns one year old next week!

To celebrate, kawaii kitchen cakes is offering a curated birthday menu of seasonal baked goods and additionally free delivery on Sunday, May 24th all over Berlin on orders starting from 15 Euros 🙂
(orders of less than 15 Euros can be picked up at the kawaii kitchen cakes bakery, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin!)

As a birthday special, it is possible to order individual slices of cake and single cookies, cupcakes and macarons for Sunday, May 24th – as opposed to the standard menu from which it is only possible to order whole cakes & a minimum number of smaller pastries.

Choose, mix and match your individual selection of sweet treats or order one of the sets (see below) – I am looking forward to bake for you and deliver the cake to your (Berlin) doorstep 🙂

Place your orders for free delivery on Sunday, 24th of May now!

Please send:
– your order
– your name, address and phone number
Taking orders until Thursday (April 21st) night.
Payment is possible by bank transfer (I will send you the invoice by e-mail) or in cash at time of delivery.

kawaii kitchen cakes birthday menu

Raspberry Cheesecake (gf*)

Fluffy, creamy (plant-based) cheesecake, regionally grown organic raspberries, crumbly shortcrust & raspberry coulis.

Slice of cheesecake – 4.2 €
whole cheesecake
(small, 20cm) – 36.0 €
whole cheesecake (large, 28cm) – 46.0 €

Strawberry Mousse x Chocolate Ganache Tarte (gf*)

Light strawberry mousse on a layer of creamy chocolate ganache. Made with regionally grown organic strawberries, fair trade Belgian chocolate.

Slice of mousse tarte – 3.9 €
1/4 mousse tarte (approx. 3 slices) – 11.5 €
Whole tarte (28cm, 12-14 slices) – 40.0 €

Lemon Thyme Meringue Mini Tartes

flaky pie crust, tangy lemon filling, soft thyme-scented meringue peaks. Made with organic lemons, locally grown thyme and lots of love.

1 mini tarte – 4.8 €
6 mini tartes – 27.0 €

Matcha Anko Cupcakes

Matcha sponge, filled with house-made anko (Japanese sweet red bean paste). Made with Matcha from Kyoto & organic Azuki beans.

single cupcake – 3.9 €
4 cupcakes (different flavours possible) – 15.0 €
12 cupcakes
(different flavours possible) – 42.0 €

Strawberry Rhubarb Cupcakes

Fluffy vanilla sponge, tangy strawberry-rhubarb compote, fruity strawberry frosting.
Made with regionally grown organic strawberries & rhubarb, organic fair trade vanilla.

single cupcake – 3.9 €
4 cupcakes (different flavours possible) – 15.0 €
12 cupcakes
(different flavours possible) – 42.0 €

Carrot Cupcakes

Juicy carrot muffin topped with refreshing “cream cheese” frosting. Made from locally grown organic carrots, freshly ground organic hazelnuts & garnished with handmade marzipan carrots.

single cupcake – 3.9 €
4 cupcakes (different flavours possible) – 15.0 €
12 cupcakes
(different flavours possible) – 42.0 €

Macarons au chocolat (gf*)
fair trade Belgian Chocolate, organic fair trade cocoa.
Macarons a la vanille (gf*)
organic fair trade Bourbon vanilla.

kawaii kitchen macarons are handmade from all plant-based organic ingredients & baked with lots of love.

Single macaron – 2.0 €
Box of 12 macarons – 20.0 €

Lemon Rosemary Sablés
organic lemons, locally grown rosemary.
Matcha Sesame Sablés
organic Matcha from Kyoto, toasted black sesame.
Peanut Butter Cookies
organic peanuts, organic palm oil-free peanut butter, fair trade muscovado sugar.
Walnut Rice Milk Chocolate Cookies
fair trade muscovado sugar and organic walnuts & chocolate.

Single Cookie or Sablé – 2.2 €
8 Cookies or Sablés – 16.0 €

Cupcake selection set – 22.0

2x Matcha Anko Cupcake
2x Strawberry Rhubarb Cupcake
2x Carrot Cupcake

Patisserie selection set – 24.0

2x Lemon Thyme Meringue mini tarte
3x Macaron au chocolat
3x Macaron a là vanille
2x Sablé (choose flavour: lemon rosemary and/or matcha sesame)

Gluten free* set – 25.0 €

1x slice of Strawberry mousse x chocolate ganache tarte
1x slice of Raspberry Cheesecake
5x Macaron au chocolat
5x Macaron à la vanille

Place your order now & get all plant-based sweet treats #bakedwithlotsoflove delivered to your doorstep!

Detailed allergen declaration available upon request.
All information provided, including prices, is subject to change. Last update May 16th, 2020.

*gluten free = made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. However, as there are also gluten-containing ingredients used in the same kitchen, all baked goods may contain traces of gluten.

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