Small cakes for small celebrations

You asked for it – we heard you.

Introducing: our small size cakes, perfect for small gatherings and birthdays in these days of the pandemic. Chocolate cake with hints of Yuzu, Chai Vanilla Cake or gluten free Lemon Cheesecake  – all of our seasonal cakes are available as small size from now on, as well. 

Chocolate Cake with hints of Yuzu, all plant-based and #bakedwithlotsoflove. Picture by Johanna Aoyama, sakura Berlin.

Our small size layer cakes yield 6-10 servings, and the small size seasonal cheesecakes 8-12. Perfect for a handful of people – may that be your closest friends, your family, your flatmates or colleagues.

Each recipe has been refined to offer you the same quality as you know from our regular size cakes. Baking times and ratios of cake components have all been optimized so you can be sure that your cake has less servings, suitable for a smaller crowd, but does not lack anything you’re used to in terms of taste, scent, looks, feel and eco-conscious production. 

Pre-order online, or simply come by our bakery (sakura, Tieckstr. 8, 10115 Berlin) to place your order in advance. Please order at least 5 days in advance!

Celebrate your birthday in a small circle (we’re all used to that by now, aren’t we?) with a small, but festive cake #bakedwithlotsoflove. Or just treat yourself with a little portion of joy for no special occasion at all – you’ve earned it, after getting through another grey January and social distancing.

Order for collection & indulge safely at home. We’re happy to bake for you! ♥︎

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